trainingHTCA provides state of the art training for hormone pellet therapy. You will learn and review the endocrine system, the history of pellets, the clinical significance and management of pellet patients, the safety and efficacy of pellet therapy, dosing, and review of case studies. You will spend time in the clinical setting performing the procedure on male and female patients.

The next step after training…

  • We come to you and in service your staff.
  • We will familiarize your staff with the HTCA paperwork and integrate it into your practice.
  • We train you and your staff on our dosing site and deliver your insertion equipment.
  • We verify that you have what you need from the supply list.
  • We will set up your office with marketing materials, by placing the brochures, pop-up banner, posters, and DVD loop in the appropriate areas.
  • We will assess your social media capabilities, and assist in setting up Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Instagram, etc.
  • We will assess the patient email list and set up Constant Contact for email campaigns.
  • Help corporate assess the most beneficial way to advertise in the physician’s market.

But that’s just the beginning…

Once you partner with HTCA, we continue to support your pellet practice with:

  • Ongoing marketing campaigns
  • Monthly educational webinars
  • Your own supportive Account Executive

drherzogJoin our Family of Practitioners Across the Nation…
Hormone pellet therapy is quickly becoming the coveted method of hormone replacement. Many of our practitioners report that they are adding it to their practice because their patients are demanding it. HTCA is here to assist you in staying ahead of the curve and helping you become the hormone expert of your area.
You have a fantastic opportunity to increase your revenue independent of third party payers. This cash based revenue stream will give you the freedom for which you may have been seeking.

If I hadn’t started doing pellets, I’d be out of practice by now.
Everyone in my office was getting a paycheck but me.  Pellets have allowed me to thrive in practice again!
Dr. R. LaStrap, Practitioner

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